Business Facing Issues?

  • Stagnancy
  • Business Pressure
  • Slow Progress
  • Graph Down
  • Need Change
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Business sinking,Profit down,Needs Change?

Want to Prevent Upcoming Losses & Tendency of coming Down?

  • Know your business ups & down cycle - when business growth will take place and its rate of success ? financial graph of your actions & fate in coming years - How to enhance your profits or safeguard loss understanding your coming time ( good / bad / neutral) .
  • Know timing & span of bad phase that leads to which leads to less profit, leakage of profit and slow progress. or sometimes losses: planning and precaution thereof. ?
  • Your financial cycle :when & how your business/career will grow ,die or becomes standstill.Your stages in life in coming time period.A Forewarning how negative influences can be minimised which may not effect your business graph or lead to major downfall .

Business Progress Blueprint

  • YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH : when & how - rate & span of your success - its precautions & advice
  • STUDY OF FINANCIAL RISK : ups & down cycle - when to consolidate financial strength .
  • PHASES OF ENHANCEMENT : Phase of exposure - limelight - ego satisfaction - optimum peak point ..
  • WHEN & HOW YOUR BUSINESS CAN FAIL : its timing - nature - cause - control in complete business horoscope report..

Cycles of Success make growth ,profit or

Continuity of Success depends on consolidation of past economic strength before a new cycle of change starts

Cycles of Transformation for good or for bad–precaution & planning so that a new cycle of growth starts for success

Cycles of Negativity leads to Losses -

Who should attend ?

(Ongoing guidance for Established + Growing Business)Business Owners,CEO,President,Chairman of Pvt Ltd companies (and/or divisions of companies) that have 50 employees or more..

Why Go For Retainership?

Why should you go for Retainership Company Analysis Package ? If you are considering this , you are someone whose company has grown ,You may be realizing now that it is going to take new strategies, techniques and processes to sustain the growth Or, you may have plateaued in your growth and you are now realizing that you are going to have to evolve as a business in order to grow to the next level.You need to expand your operations or service line, or if you need to improve infrastructure or expand staffing to keep up the pace or how do you maintain high levels of efficiency ,is the queston ? We can help......... Companies with these characteristics and that have plans to grow every year at rapid pace should go for Retainership Advice & Complete Company Analysis.

We Analyse

We Understand & Analyse Companies and their Management teams daily challenges that impact the bottom line year by year.Understanding each & every Existing High Level Management Team's Top Employee's Mind - Time - Energy Levels.Their Retention or Removal thereby.Recruiting New Personnels to Pace with Growth.implement change to penetrate New markets & Channels in healthy and least destructive ways.

Unique Time cycle Reports

Adverse and positive periods, their management and planning

Business cycle Reports

Growth and Decline phase, Collective Fate Analysis and Influence

Financial Status Report

Your Current and Potential Wealth
and Assets

Investment Report

When, Where and How to

Crisis Point Analysis Report

Inform in detail the nature, timing,cause,control of turning/ crisis points

Unique Compatibility insights

With your Senior Personnel, Joint Directors,Business Partners

We develop horoscope analysis

custom tailored for each client

SPECIAL FOCUS : Corporate Heads - Businessman - CEO - CMD - MD - Company Chairmain - Manufacturers - Ltd Company owners - Self Employed

Complete Analysis of Your Company Fate Reading / Business Horoscope with Respect to individual fate & influence of other Business Partners

Get detail account of Ups & Down cycle and major turns of fate in Business & Senior Job Life along with suggestive Advice - Guidance - Remedial Support

Collective fate reading for high networth ltd companies,partnership business.Know about how does collective fate influence Business success or failure?