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For Personal Life Problems:

  • Relationship readings are not solely for involved couples but can be helpful in the constellating the tales of any close relationship: parents and children, business partners, siblings,extra marital,family issues etc .Do we have long term potential? Identify the potential strengths and challenges that emerge when two people come together in a long-term committed relationship. This powerful Relationship Report uses the exclusive technique to examine the relationship as a fusion of the two individuals involved.
  • The study of two peoples Natal Charts in order to understand how one personĀfs energy interacts with his/her partnerĀfs. We use this astrological time tool to assess their long-term compatibility.
  • It highlights areas of affinity, where couples or two persons involved in fate are likely to share (or not) the same viewpoints, attitudes, how they communicate with one another, ,also points to areas where challenges can manifest,possible projections,areas of conflict,
  • This reading compares the Natal Charts of two individuals. The goal of the reading is to facilitate a better understanding of how you relate to each other.The first part of the reading looks at the charts of both individuals with an eye toward recognizing relationship issues in the individual charts and how you might be mirroring those issues to each other. The next step in the reading is looking at important transits that might be spotlighting those relationship issues. The final and third phase of the reading looks at how your charts work together.
  • It is an invaluable way to reveal the dynamics of the relationship, to determine the major patterns, and to offer a map that shows where our relationship can grow, expand, and reach its greater potential or the worst peak point of problems.
  • Mental stress - strain and Health problems escalates in weak time .Mental pressure & stress which leads to physical ailments. Or unnatural problems its phases.
  • You will also receive vedic remedies & healing practices for you to balance the energy of your Synastry chart and improve your relationship
  • Know Your Mind Fluctuation Cycles.Why Mind Becomes Imbalanced with Time?Why we loose Focus & Inner Power?How to overcome Negative Tendencies?Understand Your Cosmic Cycles,Mind Fluctuations,Good/Bad Influences,Clarity Phase,Transition Time.Avail Cosmic Support for Progression & Upliftment.

*Just to Convince instantly your Past Cycle Kindly Send Your Complete Information here "CLICK NOW" OR email at .If your problem is related to some other person , Kindly Furnish his/her full name & birth details also for collective fate analysis.